Playground design
We place special emphasis on the child-friendly playground equipment training. By this we mean that the game device must have a high play value, should be imaginative and stimulating physical development is beneficial. This must be accompanied by a matching color design to act to taste making. Under these assumptions, we develop play area for our children to distribution

Quality assurance is a continuous process. He begins with a ingenious, practical design, goes beyond the careful selection of materials only high quality and harmless for children materials on the careful production with focus on small things such as ridge or tripping hazards, etc., about the security concept to shelf life of products. That's why we strive to manufacture everything in our workshops and conduct a final inspection before leaving our continuous work.

Security Safety
first principle! We note in the design, manufacturing and construction. The DIN EN 1176 for us is the applicable standard.

Then we pay attention! We only use materials that conform to environmental standards. We are happy to take our play equipment for disposal, if they have done their service to you.